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Hunt Arnhemland free range offer  game hunting for 12 months of the year. Our experienced professional hunting guides are at your service with a safari tailored to suit your requirements. Choose from three exciting hunt concessions featuring permanent, comfortable safari base camps. Chief hunting guide Peter Davidson and his team guarantee successful hunts for trophy animals that include Banteng, Buffalo, Wild Boar and Wild Goat on our north-west Arnhemland, North Goulburn Island and south-central Arnhemland hunt concessions. Sambar Deer are very elusive and we cannot guarantee a trophy animal for this species, although many hunters enjoy success.

Waterfall at Bulman - Arnhem Land

Bow hunting and seasonal duck hunting can be arranged, and there are excellent opportunities to indulge in blue-water or billabong fishing during or at the conclusion of your hunt. The famous Barramundi will test your fishing credentials and makes a great addition to the dinner table. Trophy hunting in the Top End of the Northern Territory is a tremendous challenge for the dedicated sportsman. Massive and dangerous game animals inhabit the region, and the intricate networks of rivers and floodplains are home to the most fearsome predator of all, the mighty estuarine or saltwater crocodile. There's every chance that you'll cross paths with these creatures.

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